time bomb

since June's escape i haven't had the nerve to let her have the whole yard to herself yet and the shelter said to keep her tied up for the first two weeks so she learns that she doesn't run the house. i tie her to a basketball pole in our backyard. its a long chain and she has water and food and grass around her. my heart breaks everyday having to tie her up till i get home. she hates it. cries and barks. she is much better this week than last, only now she plays "dead" in the mornings so she wont have to go outside. but i know her kryptonite. bacon treats.
tonight i decided to just lock her in the backyard and not tie her up since i was just going to starbucks for a bit. as i drove back i looked on the streets to look for her running loose again.
 when i pull up to the house i check all the fences. still intact. open the front door and im greeted by a very happy pup. WTF?! how did she manage to break IN TO the house? 
guess she ran into the doggy door hard enough to unlock the hatch and let herself in. she then proceeded to help herself to the left over meatballs, orange peels, burned chocolate chip cookies, melon, and who knows what else in the trash! she has no idea she has done anything wrong. either that or she knows how to play dumb too. 
now im on doggy diarrhea and barf watch.
i lined my floor with trash bags and old towels just in case she doesn't make it outside.

june... like a one year old child but can be tied up and poo outside.  

in other news:
  • chapman asked for more info on me. good thing, i think.
  • over tmobile.
  • SG's new album is making grown men cry.
  • facedown fest is NOT sold out (yet). but get on it people. 
  • im seeing the holy spirit in my friends with my very own eyes. its gorgeous.
  • ive been dating everything today for wednesday. its been one of those days.

im tired. time for some family guy and sleeps.

1 comment:

O'Shunta said...

wait, are you saying I CAN'T tie my 1 year old to a poll to make them poo outside?

that's bogus.

I'm out.

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