im going to disneyland!

we got disneyland passes! so psyched. if you got one, lets go!
and ya, i got murdered at buzz light year twice. im sticking with, "there was something wrong with my gun" but whatever... it was just a chipotle bet.

other updates....
-heather is getting married in a few weeks
-linds moves in!
-i only eat fair trade chocolate now. i never thought it would be so difficult to find fair trade food but just knowing that my money isnt supporting enslaved kids feels good. see what i mean here. starting with chocolate and im going to buy what food i can fair trade.
-i turned in my application to chapman, on time, thank you very much.
-i LOVE the picture on my header.
-looking at buying a house by the end of this year. as much as i dont like the idea of setting any kind of roots here in corona that are as permanent as a house, seeing as i probably wont be moving away any time soon, it would be a stupid for me to pass on such a good investment. so ya, if you got any advice, email me or aim me.


joshbandyface said...

Now the next step is becoming vegetarian so that innocent animals don't have to suffer :)

Ashley Nicole said...

Aaron & I have Disney passes (they expire in May!).

Also, if you like the Buzz Lightyear ride you'll LOVE the Toy Story ride at DCA...the best ever.

Hope you are doing well! I'm praying for you for Chapman! :)Happy thoughts!

candice valdespino said...

@bambi - i love animals too much. thats the problem.

@ashley - we just heard about that one so we're going to do it next time. and THANK YOU for praying for me! that means so much. ive been praying for you and aaron as well. we have to meet up at d-land before your pass expires.

uzterk said...

es and i got passes for her birthday. we're down whenever you guys wanna go!

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