Friday the 13th!

Happy friday
Happy friday the 13th
Happy birthday Bambi!
last night we alllllll went out to Joe's Sushi in riverside and took over the restaurant. its like the dive bar of Shogun in corona. they played super loud techno music and great musical numbers like "mortal kombat" while the owner walks around yelling, "RIVERSIIIIIDE!" good stuff haha.... oh man, i just posted about bambi's 21st in what feels like only a few months ago! ...finding him passed out on my couch and going to vegas for the weekend. man, time flies... tones and i were just talking about that this morning. realizing where we were last year and recapping on events. its crazy to think one day we wont even go by time anymore. insane.
okay im rambling about nothing...

i really want to step up my efforts on human trafficking. im not buying chocolate from companies who are not recognized by Fair Trade and i really encourage you to do the same. Its something as little as buying a different brand of chocolate you are hurting the companies that are making children slaves in their cocoa farms. Over 35% of our chocolate comes from Cote d’Ivoire, Africa and in that country alone over 200,000 kids are traffiked there and forced to work long hours in dangerous conditions. you can read more about it here. Changes have already happened in the industry from people who are protesting by not buying fair trade chocolate. Cadbury said they would never be able to go to fair trade two years ago and now they have gone completely fair trade! and so much more progress has been made.

places to find fair trade chocolate:
Trader Joe’s
• Trader Joe’s Swiss 71% Dark Chocolate
• Trader Joe’s Swiss Milk Chocolate
• Green & Black’s Maya Gold Organic Dark Chocolate Bar
Wild Oats Market
• Green & Black’s Maya Gold Organic Dark Chocolate Bar
Ten Thousand Villages, Pasadena, CA
• Divine Bars
• Divine Milk
• Divine Dark
• Divine Milk with Hazelnut
Equal Exchange
• Organic Very Dark Chocolate
• Organic Dark Chocolate with Almonds
• Organic Chocolate Espresso Bean
Whole Foods Market
• Green & Black’s Maya Gold Organic Dark Chocolate Bar
• Sunrise (i think? haha but its there)
-just look for the FAIR TRADE logo on the back.

another amazing organization: charity: water
100% of their donations go ONLY to building water wells. not paychecks, not utilites, nothing like that.

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Anonymous said...

i'm a huge fan of charity:water. and scott harrison is awesome. i finally got to hear him live a couple weeks ago. i dont know if i can embed the video here, so here is the link to his presentation just in case - http://vimeo.com/3442394

(here is a link to the q&a session - http://vimeo.com/3443790

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