I'm Ready

Soooo... i was on the fence about sharing this but, since whether or not i get into chapman is not up to you, i decided why not. This is the video i sent into Chapman for my personal essay.
What you are seeing is the second time i shot this because the camera used first decided to make everyone sound like robots and be broken into 3 big pixels. My gorgeous friend Natalie was the starring role in that one and i had managed to get a big group of my friends all together on a sunday night to be in as well. ....but you wont be seeing that haha. Funny thing was i didnt even really stress about it (much) when i realized that footage was no good. i knew God's got this covered and sure enough, Jolene, my beautiful roommate, volunteered to be in it because Natalie's schedule was jam-packed. Borrowed SG's camera, re-shot it in a day, edited it for a few hours and turned it in a day early.

Thanks to every single person who helped out by showing up and being in it even if it was for nothing. it really showed me who was there for me when i needed them.
Thanks to Nat-snap, Jojo, Larshmellow, Mr. T Boyd, my mom, The Kretzu's, Chris Brown Geoff for helping me with making it. And especially to Mr. Brouillette (geoff's dad is a english prof.), he made my essays acceptable because im an illiterate tard.

Send me your cheers and jeers in the comment section. i'd love to see what you think.

Create a self-introductory video no more than two minutes in length. You video should visually highlight something about yourself, your personality, your interests, etc. that is not related to film. the only rule is that you may NOT appear in the video in any way, so be creative. Videos can be as complex or simple as you like but should have a clear story. You dont have to edit this project; it can be one long shot. Video can be live action or a slide show with text and phrases, or a combination. We are looking for your strengths at conveying a story visually and for evidence of your creativity rather than your technical abilities.


Ashley Nicole said...

I loved it Candice. It was beautiful!!!! :)

O'Shunta said...


that's all I have to say about that.

oh except, in the scene where you guys are all playing guitar hero...what is Chris doing the background? Is he just sloshing sweet tea in the air?


They Call Me Nails. said...

aww! it turned out so good! it made me want to cry haha. good job :)

candice valdespino said...

awww thanks guys! i really appreciate it.

lindsey megen said...

candice i L-O-V-E it! it turned out soooo good. go you!

uzterk said...

its fantastic!

and mike, i was making sure the sugar was all mixed in! its an integral part of the process!!!

Lisa Marcia said...

This is great!! I hope they love it!

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