You've been caught...

... on candice-camera!
my new Fuji instant camera came in on Friday! i got 10 packs of film with it too! thanks eBay. with much restraint i only allowed myself to take 20 pictures this weekend. here's a few i could show:
get it? "cheater sticks"? mark stickney? using cheater sticks as SGC? haha
oh, puns... always fun.

so with the new year i decided i should start working out again (not a resolution. no resolutions this year) and so i signed up a week and a half ago at this gym Jolene goes to and i was loving it. lost 5 lbs already. so on Saturday Jojo, Debi and i head on down there and that's when they tell us they are closing down that afternoon. womp, womp. i was actually bummed out about it. and since it was our last day there we decided to use the gym to its fullest potential and had so much fun! my abs are still sore. so now i am going to sign up at 24hr fitness and have to work out around men again. oh well... the all women's gym was nice while it lasted.
and yesterday, you all experienced the beautiful day that was yesterday. i loved it. it was what Sundays should be... woke up early-ish and read some, chipotle lunch with the guys, Geoff and i playing on our guitars, bike ride around corona, baking, netflix, baking. last night i attempted to make apple pie from scratch. didn't turn out like the picture but its still very tasty. i made two pies so please stop by the sheshack and lets have a piece. you bring the vanilla ice cream. i also baked some sugar cookies but Geoff ate half of them right out of the oven. my plan to fatten him up is going smoothly...
i picked up the guitar again this week. my finger tips aren't used to it anymore so they hate me.
im selling my bike as well. ive decided to trade Kingsley up for a road bike so i can keep up with everyone on bike rides. its got low miles, newish tires, no scuffs from when i fell that one time, and i just got the interior reupholstered. He's going for $350 obo. any takers?

out with the old. in with the new.


Carynn Mae Eren. said...

ok i want one of those cameras! zooey deschanel used one in yes man, right? did you see yes man? the photos look awesome i think i am going to have to get one like, today. the only thing is-- do they sell the film at target? fill me in!

candice valdespino said...

yup same camera as the movie! the film is about a dollar a picture BUT i got the camera and 10 packs of film for $140! it was a steal since the camera itself costs around $80. ive seen the film at urban outfitters but its cheaper to just buy in bulk online.

Lisa Marcia said...

I'm kinda jealous of your editing job. How did you get all yours pics with titles like this?? :)

PS you and your man are cute 2gether!

candice valdespino said...

thank ya!
i put the titles on in flickr. love that site.

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