mine's not a high horse

Last night brenda, jolene and i went out and treated ourselves to ah-maz-zing dinner at the melting pot (they set our chocolate on fire). Every Tuesday they have this "girls night out" deal (ladies, let do this at least once a month). it was so nice to just hang out and talk over fundue. we somehow got on the topic of plastic surgery and how we think God feels about it.
Where is the line drawn between sin and acceptable? is it out of self-esteem/confidence or vanity? i think obviously if there is a health benefit (ex: cant breathe through nose, cleft pallet, gastric bypass, etc.) then people are quick to excuse that. i am one of those people too. i do believe God does heal people through prayer. but isn't Him giving us talented doctors a blessing for us as well? haha
whats the difference (besides the obvious) in getting breast implants and straightening your teeth with braces? lip injection and wearing make up? or working out at the gym and losing weight? tattoos and piercings? buying fashionable clothes, jewelry and doing your hair?
is it because one is more invasive than the other that makes it a sin? or just because its more socially acceptable to wear make up and diet than have plastic surgery?
i think if the heart of it isn't glorifying God then yes, that's when it turns into sin. you are idolizing yourself.
i have heard many women quick to judge someone who has had work done when we should be loving on these people. women who are the first to condemn surgery but have tattoos, piercings and who are heavy handed with make up. how are you any different? obviously these weren't comfortable in their skin for some reason. what about the people who do it for confidence and not to be flashy or that whole "look at me"? i guess i don't see whats so wrong with person doing something to lift their self esteem if its not hurting anyone or taking attention away from God.
like my view on tattoos is pretty much the same. yes your body is a temple. but even churches have stained glass windows. they make them look beautiful in the name of God. why cant i do that on my own body? im just decorating my temple for Him.
anyhoo, i think i have rambled enough here. i would love to hear your thoughts so please share.

i'll be discussing my views on being gay tomorrow.

i kid. i kid.
...unless you really care to know haha

oh, and this is all in a loving even tone. i know that that can get lost in translation being that you are reading this and not hearing


joshbandyface said...

I'd very much like to hear it.

Lisa Marcia said...

I think that nothing should be done to boost your self-esteem in the sense that it would be contingent on whether or not you had "work" done. Once you know who you are and see something that might add to your life in a positive way, I think it's fine.

When women go out of their way to be noticed because of their makeup or hair or boobs it makes me wonder about whether or not they are getting the right attention that they need. My guess is no. They are trying to BE something rather than being who they really are.

Boobs, hair, makeup....I'm all for them! As long as it is done in a way that isn't masking the true person, but enhancing your true self.

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