I have faith in God. That He exists. That He loves me.
I have faith in His plan. In His reasoning. That He will continue to be my supply.
I have faith in where He leads me.
I have faith in my hard works. in my giving. in my choices. in my moves. in my steps.
I have faith in love. In people. In friends. In strangers.
I hope He has faith in me.
I am blessed sinner. I am loved sinner. and I am completely dumbfounded to the how and why.

so many many paths to go down lately. and just when i think its all clear, i get a dream or vision of something that looks more appealing. im afraid this might just be all in fear. gets me every time. but now not doing anything is something i fear more than failure.

-i joined facebook
-bought a bunch of sweet stuff from etsy
-linds might be moving in sooner than april!
-tom hanks is charming
-booked a trip to san francisco
-just discovered how good lil wayne is! (ya, i know im a lil late)
-introduced to black metal... so theatrical
-i miss grilled cheese sandwiches, rain, and natalie.


They Call Me Nails. said...

i miss you too! andddd lil wayne is GROSS! haha

diaz said...

that was good...

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