Mike's New Path Monday's

So for the past few weeks or so my brilliant, handsome, and single (wink wink ladies) friend Mike has been, like so many of us, trying to figure out what to do for the rest of his life. So like any wise person would do he runs his suggestions by me(ya right, i know i know).
Mike isn't just some over idealistic fool. But a deep searcher of God's will and champion of ultimate good. though a case can be made for both.
This is the list thus far:

9.12.08 - US Diplomat:
what it is: someone who goes to other countries and deals with foreign government on behalf of the US and helps decide foreign policy
-to help impoverished nations
-you may have to push policies you don't agree with
-would in a sense feel as if you were serving 2 masters

10.6.08 -run a non profit shelter:
job description: house, feed and teach the homeless and help them
-what he loves in the name of Jesus
-working with people
-flexible hours
-no boss
-doesn't know how to run a non profit

10.13.08 - masters in international development:
what it is:
international development is trying to pull impoverished communities out of their destructive cycles. it's what pretty much any aid agency does
example: hope international, mercy ships, red cross, international justice mission, disaster relief stuff
-doing what he loves/helping others
-stay tuned.

pray and fast, my friend. pray and fast.

real recent praises:
Matt is still in school.
Brenda took one huge step outta debt.
Geoffrey is a working man.
cold weather this weekend.
my math teacher drops my lowest test score.
new Copeland is on their space.

real recent prayer requests:
that we stay God centered.
we can balance school and work and whatever else you got on your plate.
some big plans happening next year(mmm...).
that love finds you too.
for my math skills.

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