whats up hoodie weather?

i changed the look of the blog again. i got bored of the dots. so i changed the background and then something in the html was wrong so i changed it again. and the last one couldnt hold very wide pictures. but this one can. so i may keep it.

anyhoo, this weekend was funtastic and non stop. yessss...finallyyyy. i was getting so bored around here running over opossoms and whatnot.

fas-shion show! fas-shion show! fas-shion show (at lunch)!

except we were in a club in hollyweird. the three of us in flannel of some sort and jason in a tie. it was cool to see nat and jason put together the fashion show in about an hour and half of craziness and models running late. geoff almost had to step in. he's in denile but i think he secretly wanted to.
nat and jason took us to swingers. good food. crabby service. but hey i'd probably be the same way if i were serving at 2am too.

it was rainy and cold out there. i loved it. i like that you can pretty go anywhere and do whatever you want so late/early in LA. not just dennys and walmart. but i dont think i would want to live there. too many people. i would for sure run someone over with a car.

got home around 3 or 330. my alarm went off at 6 for the yard sale. but me getting up that early wasn't happening. i couldn't even function. got up around 7 (because 3.5 hrs of sleep is just enough) and set up shop.
people never cease to amaze me. im selling $300+ dresses and they want to bargain it from $15 to $5. and i, of course, say sure whatever. and then they don't even take it! haha whatevs.

then went straight to work and i took this picture..... its debi leading worship but from this camera angle it looks likes some is grabbing her. creeeeeppy and funny.

later it was time for Burn. 24hr of worship in redlands. sleeping giant played from 3am-5am at tithemi. tommy wasn't there but it never felt like something was missing. God was present and we all sang along. it was intimate.
got home at 6am this time but we couldn't sleep. circadian rhythms :/

got my other foot tattooed and now my feet are finished. joe is an amazing tattoo artist.
vegged and watched some cod4
then went to the furnace relaunch.
there were tons of people. and by tons i mean like over 100. which is a lot from the last time i went. i was really happy so many people heard about it and came. afterward was a nice hang out sesh.

mix master spidey 3

fricklet being a good sport

heather and graysons matchie tats.

this is a picture of how i won free chipotle.



Lisa Marcia said...

i wanna see the tats you got!

Candice said...

what's your email? ill send you a pic

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