Come on sweet November

so i haven't posted anything in a week. let me recap:

- i paid off all my debt. that's right, last Friday i was no longer in debt to this world. heck yesss

- celebrated with Kelsey for her 21st in San Diego

yeah, i brought out the guns

- my moms puppy is arriving on Friday. I'm pretty stoked. especially since i don't have to live with him and deal with all that potty training business.

- ended one of the longest relationships i have ever had. i sold my truck :'(
yeah i was way bummed to see her go. I've had it for just about 7 years and never gave me trouble. cleaning it out was kinda cool though. i found old notes passed from friends, paycheck stubs, clothes, books, and even a word on the street bible?!
"First off, nothing. No light, no time, no substance, no matter. Second off, God starts it all off and WHAP! Stuff everywhere! Genesis 1:1"
good stuff.

- bought my very own vehicle. all in my name. in cash. heck yessss

- jank car detailing on our chipotle Tuesday's

- i think im in love with people at tithemi. amazing church.

- going to visit my family in Colorado around thanksgiving.

- November is almost here. thank goodness. with it brings cooler weather, time change, and my favorite month of them all. also has my favorite numerical day, 11/11. its going to be a romantic month. i can tell.

- GUSH ZONE: you've been warned...
on his way to surprise me with a picnic in between my classes, Geoff's bike chain broke a few buildings away from my class. ruining the surprise, he texts for help and tells me he has been slowly eating the food he packed for us hahah... so freaking sweet

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