broken hallelujah

i cant help but cry when i see other are.

my grandma's funeral is in a few hours. i miss her even more knowing she isn't here anymore but knowing she is with Jesus really sooths all our souls. i've never been to a joyous feeling funeral before. i mean, yes we are crying and sad but we all are happy she isn't in pain anymore and she lived a wonderful life and we know where she is at now.
to Margie "Nanny" Ciarletta. a woman who loves God and knows Jesus, who would give everything she had to help anyone, and was the best wife, mom and grandma.

i love her.


uzterk said...

i've been praying for you and your family.

The Bear Den said...

love and prayers

Candice said...

Thank you so much guys. i appreciate it to no end.

Brenda_Says_: said...

I just saw the video for the first time, probably shouldn't have seen it at work because you got my tear ducts activated :(

You did a GREAT job on the video. I know she appreciates it.

Love yous...

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