some cute stuff

so yesterday my mom tells me that she and craig (her hubby) just bought a new pup. its called a blue heeler. they get it him in a few weeks.
meet future blue.
pretty stinkin cute.

last week one of my oldest friends rachelle had her first baby.
meet baby harley.
awwww.... he really is a cute baby.
not that old man looking kinda newborn.

natalie: i think i saw something on your porch
me: you were at my house?
nat: what?
me: you said you saw something on my porch, ya?
nat: cheeseburger?
me: i'm so kunfused
nat: k-u-n-fusion
me: what the random?
nat: there's a lemur in new york?
me: idk what they're giving you at art school but can i have some?
nat: torii hunter?
nat: meow meow?
nat: you haz mah bucket?
me: (holding in the lolz in class)

lately i have been stressed out a little bit. which is rare for me to be stress about anything really. anxiety attacks and just lame crap like that a lot lately. so coming home, to what was an already nice time hanging out with friends after my classes, i find a bag-o'-surprises waiting for me!
nerds, waynes world, sticky hands, goo that farts and then some. this is what nats cryptic code was about.
i have some amazing friends who have really been here for me lately and always. just by sending me an email during work asking hows everythings going, praying for me and my family, sending my mom thoughtful cards, making me laugh, and not getting mad at me when i spazz out on them. i love Love LOVE you guys

one thing that is going on is with my grandma. she has cancer for the second time and when they diagnosed it they said she had 6 months. that was over 3 years ago. but she stopped responding to her chemo and then caught pneumonia this month. last week they gave her a week left. and there were days where they thought she was going to go, but she is still here. she believes and loves Jesus so i know she is set. i just don't want her to go, you know. but i do not want her in any pain and this had been a slow painful process of her. luckily she is staying at home with hospice there 24/7 and she is comfortably at home with her dog and we don't have to hang out in a hospital. my grandpa is still living in that house too. he has the final stages of Alzheimer's. that's been an even longer process. getting old sucks.

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They Call Me Nails. said...

i love do-dads and trinkets....and candice too!

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