candice:1, street:1, rabid animals: 1

after being cooped up in the house all afternoon scanning a million pictures i got a message saying be at berrysweet at 9. and i thought, "hey, why not ride my bike there? my foot isn't swoll' anymore and i haven't ridden since it got tuned up. lets do this."
not 30 seconds into the ride i turn a corner and on the sidewalk is something running along side me and Kingsley(my bike). i tried to out run it but it decided to run under my tire and i didnt stop fast enough. it got lodged in my fender and spokes and jam my wheel.
completely freaked out and repulsed to the hissing and screaming from the animal stuck hanging in my spokes by its neck and front arms i finally saw what it was...
a possum.
those nasty looking creatures are everywhere around here. funny thing is i never even run animals over with my car and with my freaking bike i do?!
so i reversed my wheel hesitantly to unjam the possum but it cant get out. its just wiggling hissing at me. i thought for sure this thing is just going to attack me once it gets free. but after what felt like a minute of watching this thing try and free itself, it got lose, thanked me for not chopping off its head with my tire, and ran off into the bushes.
whats next, seriously? i think im going to have to start wearing full armor when i go out riding from now on.

p.s.- happy first birthday blog! you've grown so much(t.w.s.s.).
enjoy the archives.


Gabe said...

what you ran over is called a opossum. there is nooooo way you saw, or ran over a possum. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Possum

Candice said...

i stand corrected.
i didn't know there was a difference.
thanks gabe!

The Bear Den said...

hahaha so gnarly, jen told me about this one.

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