the slip up

this is the sight of the d-bag who writes parking tickets for rcc walking away from my truck.

this is the sight of $25 wasted.
i lost that old ticket i called my "insurance policy". welp, now i have a new one i guess.

other things:
not going to thailand anymore. pretty bummed over this one but.... ya.
imsoinlovewithGod. magnificent.
a friend filled house is thee best
rediscovering old music
i have a desire to go to disneyland
going out on friday for es' bachelorette party which = good times to be had
the summer has been on a delay this week


Gabe said...

guy who writes tickets is just doing his job and youre breaking a law. dont call him names just because you get caught for doing something that you know you shouldnt be doing.

ok im off my soapbox now. i dont have a parking pass either, but i do have a vet plate and a disabled parking placard, so im thinking thats why i never get busted.

Candice said...

step off, Gabe! haha kidding.

ya your right. but who wants to be that guy? someone with a power trip? go work in the bookstore or something.

Gabe said...

haha, have you ever met a bookstore guy? them dudes are the D-bags!

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