all things new

so last week was crazy!
packed half the week and moved everything into a house the last half. we're living in a house that i used to live in a few years back so its kinda cool that i am familiar with the place and the location and neighbors. luckily i really haven't had any old memories come creeping up or anything. who i am living with now and how everything is set up i think helped. but i seriously feel so blessed to be living there with my roomies. they are each so freaking amazing. i never posted anything last week so here are some things i took real quick from my cell:

greyson being the mr. helpful that he is in our office.

our kitchen

the reason people will want to hang out at our place

our friday night o' fun after the art show and thai food dinner. more pictures of this night to be posted soon. i hope.

saturday night's photo sesh involved my lip tat, sprinkles, and ice cream. more of these to be posted soon.

runnin the sound board at furnace sunday night was a great way to end the weekend.


Gabe said...

you look nakey in the one picture of you.

Candice said...

i know but im totally not. tube top. i swear.

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