Last weekend II

FL marking Jolene's fruit as his property

Indiana Jones movie marathon with my spiffy Indy spoon i got out of my box mini wheats.

Tommie and I at Sara's graduation party. CONGRATS Sara!!!!

Joy in a cup

Yogurtland. open till 12:30am every night. best part: self serve for $0.30 an ounce. how am i just now hearing about this place?


They Call Me Nails. said...

thats like the place by my apartment i tried to get you guys to go to after that burger place!

Holly said...

where is yogurtland? Swirl is delicious. We should have a yogurt party one night.

Candice said...

count me in for a yogurt party! its over by fullerton jc. not too bad.

i still wanna try that place over by your guy's apt! let do ittttt

Debi said...

there is also pinkberry...its the same thing, except its at dos lagos which is way closer

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