J + A

Heres a highlight video geoff and i made for Jason (gayson) and April's wedding day. And can i just say how much i love april and gayson?! A LOT! im bummed that april had to move from being a few miles from the Chateau Brouillette to Long Beach, but hey, i dont blame her one bit haha. Their new nest is so cool and filled with love and cool Owl art pieces. and kittens that hide in the bathroom and great you while you pee. Like i said, so cool.

Check out the fabulous job Mike Radford did capturing their wedding -----> HERE


Chris Kretzu said...

every one you guys do gets better!

Danielle said...

Hello! :)
Jess Youngsma sent me over your way and I was curious if you wanted to do a Tattoo Tuesday feature on my blog- Sometimes Sweet!
Let me know -



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