quick weekend recap

space mtn
he bit me.

-CONGRATS to Lil' Ryan and Joanna! they got engaged on sunday! so freaking excitedhappystoked for them! and Joanna asked me to be a bridesmaid!

-Disneyland on a week night is the best. no long lines!

-im 25. dude, when did i get so old?

-my bday weekend was perfect. lots of relaxing, fun and love. thank you everyone who wished me a good one and hung out. loved it. pictures of the skate night will be up soon, i think. B's working on it.

-just when i thought, "wow, this august weather aint so bad..." BOOM. 100+ degrees.
can i fast forward to november? i want cooler days and cold nights. hoodies and scarves. baking nights and thanksgiving dinner. over this blazing summer. and im waaaay over sweating.

-i have 11 twisted vertebrae and pinched nerves. xrays confirmed this. the chiropractor said i am either used to the pain ive been having or just have a really high pain tolerance. when she realigned me i had never heard my body CRACK so loud!

-i need to make some investments so i can have my own business one day soon. i want to open a confectionery/coffee & tea & brewery shop that will cater to all different diets and have open mic nights and things like that. do-able.


Lisa Marcia said...

I think you should start your business now! :) Its invigorating!

candice valdespino said...

first, im trying to buy my own place. make some money off that and then open something up.
have you started your own business? give me some tips! haha

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