labor of love

cell phone dump of pictures from last weekend:

florida and kristina saving the day at Gods kitchen...
FL in God's Kitchen<span class=

then after that got my car washed at a fund raiser.
these guys were no joke. 6 people per car!
toaster wash

then drove out to linkfest. picked up a couple hitch hiking metal heads on the way. there was ZERO cell service so while i was hiking the sketch trails to the stages i thought i was arriving an hour and a half early. False. all of a sudden i hear thommy singing and guitars a blasting.
<span class=<span class=
got to see winds of plague and as i lay dying play. also saw tony from no doubt there.

finally got to eat at taco loco. delish late night snack but kinda on the pricey side for just mexican food.

worked a gorgeous reception on sunday at the huntington hyatt. i love working at the big hotels. the staff there is always so nice and super helpful. makes our job easier. this couple was really sweet and amanda transformed that ball room into a warm, intimate and love cave filled with custom gobo's, swanky vase' and TONS of white flowers.
First dance

got home around 3am to this:
passed out.

then woke up really late for this:
zombie brides
Sleeping Giant's music video!
isnt jolene just the cutest zombie youve ever seen? haha cant do scary when youre that pretty

running around redlands in face paint in the blazing sun all day? why not!
it was a lot of fun and SOOOOOO many people came out later in the day for this one scene where we are just a mass of zombies running. T from White Collar Side Show was directing it and making it all. i saw some of the stuff they got of the guys the day before and its going to look creepsville. cant. freaking. wait. mama dawn says she thinks they are going to have a release party on halloween!

so ya, no rest this weekend. but i loved it allllll

be blessed!


They Call Me Nails. said...

this guy at my work did hair at a wedding at the HB Hyatt this past weekend, wonder if it's the same one.

bummed i missed the SG thing.

candice valdespino said...

there were a couple of weddings going on there but if he did our brides hair, he is amazing. hers was beautiful! (cecile)

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