what started off as a cute photo op has quickly become Junes new bed.

last weekend the church across the street was having a huge rummage sale. and since living with Jolene i have come to LOVE garage/yard/rummage sales! seriously, its getting bad how excited i get over going to these haha. so we walked over there to see what treasures we could find. i was on the hunt for some backpacks and luggage with the intent to construct them into a messenger bag since Cordura (the fabric used to make them) is so dang expensive.
4 backpacks + 2 suitcases + 1 pair of moccasins + an espresso machine + a gardening book + 5 belts - $10 = a very cheery me
out of some material i picked up at Joann's fabric and the recycled backpacks i made this little messenger bag for myself.
super plain and not the coolest looking messenger bag but for less than $5, i ain't complainin'. plus its better than slinging an oversize purse as i ride.

we're going to purchase some ballistic nylon material next week and start making our own messenger bags to sell to make some extra money. so if you are in the market for one and dont want to pay over $100 for one, hit me or Geoff up!

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Anonymous said...

This is awesome Candice!!! I wish I was that creative ... (guess i didn't get those genes from my mom in that dept..) I hope you are doing well!

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