as lolo and i realized today, digital cameras have ruined us.
then again, ive never had true talent with photography.

here are a few acceptable(and i use that word loosely) photos from my second roll with actual film since i was 12. i took most of these last year and beginning months of this year.

holga. 35mm. 100ISO.

that was at my nanny's (grandma) funeral.

i finally just purchased a flash and my next roll will have a higher ISO since im rarely out and about in the daylight with my camera.


Lolo said...

I like them all! Especially the one of June.

Sam said...

i lovveee the holga, but i only have a diana.. i was thinking about getting one soon tho. have you ran a roll of medium film through it yet? 120 is soooo much coolerrr :). btw this is sam.. i think you know me, i used to be in geoffs old band mirror of dead faces (the drummer).

candice valdespino said...

@sam: ya i totally know who you are! im surprised you know who i am haha.
my holga is one of the new 35 ones. not 120. but i agree, the 120 is a lot cooler!!
you can find good deals for holgas on ebay right now. thats what my friend did and she got a couple of them used for the price of one new one.

xytio said...

hahah of course i know who you are lol- you aren't forgettable!

ooooo, you have the holga 135 bc right? judging by the dark corners i'm assuming yes heheh..

i wanted one of those for a while cause 120 film is so expensive (i just spent a buncha money buying some just the other day :(.)

i ended up just going all out and buying a good ol' classic LC-A straight from back in the USSR :D (not the one from lomography.com) never buy anything from them cause they rip you off on cameras you can get for 1/2 the price on ebay if not less.. She's (my LC-A that is) super old and i love her to pieces :).

oh yeah i was wondering, what kinda film did you roll through it? the tones are pretty orangy- it almost looks cross processed.

okay- sorry about the loooong comment lol, hopefully you even check this post hahaha :D.

candice valdespino said...

yep! thats the exact model i use. and the film i used there was what i bought from urban outfitters that said it was lomo film and 100iso. but odd are that i used a cross process filter on a few of them. i love the way cross process looks.
is your camera 120 or 35mm? i want 120 but its so expensive and idk of any place in corona that develops it.
your flash is awesome! mine sucks so bad. its some cheap one i got off ebay.
do you cross process your film yourself?
ive been using some fuji with an 800ISO and im not too thrilled with it.

xytio said...

thats awesomeee that you got the 135bc, i still want one! they got them on ebay for $36 including shipping.. but i'm so bad about ebay i'm always spending like half my paycheck on it lol.

i like the lomography film a bunch but it's soooooo expensive! i usually go to the 99cent store and just buy 10 rolls of their 200 speed film and it always comes out great and it's only a dollar :)!

my lc-a is 35mm, but my diana and 4 of my other cameras use 120 film. i got 5 rolls of 100 speed kodak 120 film on www.bhphotovideo.com for about $16 so it's not that bad if you know where to look. as for developing it, you can take it to sam's club and they will send it out to fuji for you and it only costs about 6 bucks! the only downside is that it takes about 2 weeks :( but when you get it back you'll be glad you waited :). oh yeah, 120 film is only for the bigger holgas (like the N or CFN) it's too big for the 35mm holgas. just in case, you were planing on getting some for your 135bc lol.

thanks! my flash is so bright my friends always get all mad whenever i take their picture cause it always blinds them lol. i use a canon speedlite, there actually is one on ebay for pretty cheap (at least for now) here.

i didn't cross process it myself, i wish i could! what i did was have my gf- that works at the photo department at sams club (soooo convientent!) just develop my roll of slide film just like how they would do any normal color negative film and that's how it came out.

yeah, i hear that 800 speed film isn't very nice with holgas, and 400 is probably your best bet.. it's just a great all around indoor and outdoor speed. definitely try some slide film in it, you can get some old expired rolls off ebay for not toooo much. i used kodak ektachrome that i found at a thrift store for 3 bucks and it came out awesome! to get it xpro (cross processed) try asking the person that develops your roll at the lab to develop it as c-41 (for normal negative film) rather than e-6 (for slide film) and hopefully they wont care and just do it, hahahh.

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