sheshack antics

so last night we had our first ambush at the house. it was only a matter of time.
while enjoying some berrysweet i was tipped off that some of the kids and leaders from youth were going to prank our house. i heard it was going to involve mice, fishing line, and shaving cream. I quickly spread the word to my fellow roomies and it was on. brenda locked down the house, heath went to the church to freak out the scheming kids and jo and i rushed home to plot. on our way home though i ran into them all on our street. it was awkward but fun moment. heath and i got to throw a couple of eggs and rotten oranges from our tree at them. it was a good time had by all at that point, but they kept coming back around to try and finish the job. by midnight we got a bowl filled with goldfish left at our door and a love note in shaving cream on our drive way and heather's car. after a few threatening texts they finally called it quits. haha

i don't want to be the new "mark's house".

sadly, the fish did not make it through the night.

in other news:

-i am taking the summer off from school. heck yessss

-it got so hot last week we actually turn the air conditioning on. who would have thought 85 degrees would feel so cool?

-jo and i finally got our stimulus checks and we make sweet sweet music together.

-i'm getting antsy.


mark said...

wtf does "the new mark's house" mean?

nobody pranks me more than once

Gabe said...

serious, what is this chicks deal?!

Candice said...

@ mark: i thought you guys had the youth prank your place a few times

@ gabe: my deal?

jady said...

Wow, you blog alot

Candice said...

@ jady: i dont know you and you somehow found my blog. that's awesome.
i try to post something at least once a week. hope you enjoy =)

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