A lot like it

here are some pictures i unloaded from my cell of the last few days for your viewing pleasure. lets tarantino it:

kickball started! Let me introduce, Team Hotpants. We dominated this week. I think it was the distracting 80's get ups that helped us out. We won by 10 points i believe. And when it was my turn to kick i popped the ball.
ya, im that good. j/p.

after the beach i thought of ways i could help stimulate the economy. So heath and i went to Ikea to pick me up a new bedroom. Jonathan met us out there. This is him eating those tasty Svvveedish meatballs.

In order to validate our parking spot we had to spend a few bucks in rocky mtn chocolate factory. And the phallic foods of the day begins.

our paste-y selves
Right at the front of the pier was this guy who was sharing the gospel with a crowd of people. They had video cameras and microphones and this little pa system all set up and he was trying to answer peoples questions they had about Christianity. But the way this guy went about showed no love to people. He would cut people off as they were talking and start shouting and he wasn't even answering their questions. If i didn't know any better i would have been completely turned off to the thought of excepting God and Christ. Heather and i watched for a bit and then just got completely turned off by the way they were going about it. Maybe its just me but i don't think you can shout and put down others in that manner to bring them to Christ.

We went and saw Wanted after open mic night. I want to be a bad-ass assassin now.

Florida finally getting the berrysweet experience and lovin it

Tones going the healthy route

Natsnap and i indulging with topping and color overload

earlier in the week:
Jo and i messing with our bank tellers patriotic glasses. She is the Statue of Liberty in case you couldn't figure it out.


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