welcome to the:
the sheshack
menstration manor
vagina village
penatration station
bajingo bungalo
gina gateway

(not pictured: brendita)


Gabe said...

that place must SUUUUCK when all 4 of you are ragging at the same time.

Debi said...

ew gabe. ew.

Brenda_Says_: said...

Uhhhhhh WTF?!

Candice said...

@ gabe: so far the planets have not aligned.

@debi: i second that. and where the heck were you?

@ brenda: sorry! you werent there yet. see what going to church in irvine does? you miss out on roomie picture moments. j/p, B. iloveyous

Gabe said...

just trying to stir up some conversation, thats all. and to show you that im still the same ol' lovable gross gabe.

Debi said...

i was...i was...i dont remember to be quite honest

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