today i woke up dead tired but i got ready quick and went to the bagel shop before work. brian called me out of nowhere and invited me to d-land for free to see his new light show. i couldnt though. went to work. got a $50 gift cert to albertsons from work for turkey day! then went to the bank. went to target. then went home to get ready for the art show! the art show was a success. i basically ran the joyfold both but we sold a lot. its awesome to see joyfold come to fruition. now im at dennys. falling alseep in a both. but im hoping my good company and chicken strips will wake me up. i want to fall asleep at the beach right now. cuddling on the sand under a blanket....mmmmm. well i have to be social now so bye.
oh i got a sweet new beanie from nicole. its red!
God has blessed me and i love Him.

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