Day before Turkey Day ALWAYS SUCK!

daily recap of a sucky wednesday:
woke up tired from only getting 3hrs of sleep because i chose to spend time with someone so undeserving. then went to work for 2 pointless hrs. then went to Sharron's funeral. I got to revisit my cousins grave site which stirred up a lot of old emotions that i had suppressed. I managed to still keep them at bay. Went home took a nap. Had a youth convention meeting. Then went to nat's for a fun night of food, friends, and fun. Then i walked into something that reminded me why i was the way i used to be.
People seem to get the best of me these days. I am loyal to a fault. and people are just that.
They are wrong and opportunistic. And i-- i am the enabler. Its times like now that take me somewhere so.... I'm too embarrassed to admit. I am a fool. But i guess there's more room in a broken heart.
Nah. Thats just stupid talk.
When will I ever learn?

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