flip the switch, please!

why do we let our love lives control our moods? a friend and i were sitting down talking about this a few weeks ago and i have since noticed that however my love life is going, it affects my day to day. How lame is that? something so minuscule in the big picture of life can completely change ones out look. why do we put our relationships with the opposite sex so high? is it nature or is it something we have been conditioned to think we need to have? and i am not just talking about myself...i know this goes for everyone. anyone who has ever liked someone. you know that feeling you get when you hear someone likes you or that person flirts with you or compliments you and how great the rest of your day or week can be. And how derailed you get, for a bit, when you realize your feelings aren't being reciprocated by that one person anymore. its something you know you should not let get to you because there are so many other bigger problems in your life and in the world than your crushed heart. if only it could be as easy as an on/off switch. ugh.


Michael said...

working on a pill. It will fix this...and maby the world!

Candice said...

you can test it out on me. anything will help at this point. even a mallet to the head.

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