DIY Bathroom Part 1

Our guest bathroom was a bit of an anomaly to me. Its not a half bath or could even be listed as .75 of a bathroom.
From my past experience of renting a room from craigslist i learned the hard way to check the shower for a actual shower head. So when i toured our house for the first time i immediately noticed that the shower was in fact not a real shower but just a bathtub. Our house was built in 1979 so why there isnt a shower head is weird to me. Not like showers were a rarity in the 70's. Anyhoo, Geoff's friends from Plea for Purging and all their GF's were going to be staying at our place while they were in town for a fest and that lit the fire to get the shower working so that we didnt have 10 people using one shower!

After all the drywall was cut out i got busy editing a film on the couch and forgot to take pictures of geoff putting the cement backer board up and him and his dad cutting the tiles in the rain in the front yard and putting them against the wall.  I did help geoff grout though so... i helped a little :\

Oh and i picked out the shower head.  Here is the completed shower:
Shower Curtain

The shower head is at least 7 ft high.

We bought the slate tile on sale at Floor & Decor for a total of $36! The shower curtain was on sale at UO for $24. Shower head was about $50 from Home Depot. Window film so our neighbors dont get a peep show. And we also bought a new smaller vanity, faucet, and toilet all under budget too! We set aside $1,000 to redo it all but we've only spent $600 on everything so far. And thats including a new saw. All thats left to pick is paint and base boards and we're done.

Now if we could only get on Yard Crashers!

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