One year later...

So Geoff and i just celebrated our one year anniversary. Can i just say, i told you i wasnt pregnant. We were married 3 months after we got engaged and a few people (who clearly didnt know us that well) thought i was knocked up. False.
Marriage is a lot more of everything than i could have ever realized. Some days i think ive married the easiest going person in the world and other days it feels like the most stubborn. We have changed so much within that year and learned even more about each other that i cant even imagine what the next years will unveil. I'm not going to lie, this year felt like two but i think its because of all the stuff thats changed since then. In hindsight, theres some things i wish i could do differently that may have made the transition from individuals to a team who has to share everything much easier...

  1. Buy everything YOU want before you get married. Sounds selfish and shallow, i know. But once you get married the money you make will be both your money. And unless you are blessed with a lot of it, your going to have to ask if its OK with your spouse to spend both your money on something that only benefits you. This is still the hardest thing for me to adjust to. I cant just buy a dress from target or f21, expensive skincare products or tan without seeing if Geoff is cool with it. And lets be honest, he is a tightwad with money and not a chick so he doenst understand why i want another new dress or iphone when i have a perfectly fine one from a year ago. If you are engaged, make haste and buy all the pointless crap that makes you happy before you get married. 
  2. Save all your money. Singletons, i know what you're thinking but i promise you you wont get that much from your money dance and in wedding gifts. When you get married its like this evil bill fairy will appear and things that you didnt account for or something expensive will need repair and boom, there goes a few grand. Stressing about money is the worst thing to fret about in general let alone something that might be on the back of your mind when you are going to bed to get frisky. You cant eat love and it doesnt pay the bills. 
  3. Double Vanity. No matter if youre renting or owning, make sure your bathroom has a two sinks. Beard trimmings, toothpaste and counter space wars. This is no joke.
  4. Let him play video games. And guys, let her do her thing too. You both need time apart from each other that isnt work related. Sometimes you just need to check out of life for an hour so you can regroup and be yourself. Sure, the timing may not be right because you want to complain and vent, but we all need to hit that reset button now and then so we can have enough patience to still like you. 
  5. Close the door behind you. Keep the mystery alive because once its gone its gone. And once a dude realizes its cool to fart around you or pee with the door open, things only get more graphic from there.
  6. Register for a cork screw.

In one year together we bought a house, made it a home, started our own business, stayed debt free, stayed true to our no kids pact and have become closer together than ever. I am seriously so in love with Geoff still. He is the manliest, sexiest, funniest, hardest working provider to me and i still cant believe he wanted to marry me out of all the other smart, funny and beautiful girls he's ever known.

Best year ever!

ps- hawaii vid coming soon!


Carynn Mae Eren. said...

Iiii loooove thiiiis pooossstttt

kaelah beauregarde said...

congrats on one fab year together and to many many more! xo

Candice Brouillette said...

@carynn looove you!

@kaelah thanks sweets!

getting it all out there said...

Definitly buy a corkscrew LOL, I am so happy for you and all the things you shared are so true. Joe and I celebrated 7 years last month and instead of getting that dreaded 7 year itch we grew closer than ever. Love is awesome... Congrats!!

nicole said...

Can I just tell you that I 100% agree on the whole bathroom thing. Some things DEF need to be left to the imagination! Love you!

(Haha, btw I was signed on doing work for Danny so if you wondered who originally posted this comment, it was me! oops!)

Candice Brouillette said...

@nicole i was wondering who is Daniel and why is he saying he loves me?? haha LOVE YOU TOO!

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