s'more pizza

so its not perfected or anything but this is how it goes:

cookie dough as the "dough and crust" of the pizza. bake for about 8 mins at 350*
s'more pizza

then i crumbled chocolate flavor and regular ol' graham crackers over it. added chocolate chips and chocolate bars pieces on top of that, more graham pieces and topped with mini marshmallows. place it in the oven for about another 8-10mins.
s'more pizza
(ya, i looks really messy. i need to perfect the layering process)

then take out and enjoy
s'more pizzas'more pizzas'more pizza


Lisa Marcia said...

OMG! I will have to try this!

India Daisy said...

oh my word - HEAVEN in one bite!

candice valdespino said...

it was even still good cold the next day haha

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