go me.

so im pretty freaking terrible at blogging now. i have my reasons.
as karma would have it, after i posted about how great our business is going and humble bragged my ass off about how i get to sleep in, geoff and i thought it would be a great idea if i got a "day job" to pay for health insurance and save more money. my very awesome, funny and single friend mark got me a job at Troy Lee Designs. It was an easy job of clocking in, routine stuff, clocking out but i was literally standing on my feet all day long. shoot me. then it started getting in the way of booking more jobs so we realized that if i quit the jobs we could book would make up for TLD. so i reluctantly put in my two weeks. i really liked working there and just started making friends with some of the people there. now we are busier than ever with LPP and started offering photography services as well! But now people want us to do both film & photos and we kind of want to start slowly cutting back on how many wedding videos we book and start booking mainly photos. So we started another company: Orange Owl Photo.

other new stuff that happen:
-we are selling our house in March and moving to Costa Mesa. "Why?" you ask as if i needed any reason to move out of LE. 1. its the land of "-er's". colder. hotter. dirtier. 2. once Jolene goes on her World Race i will have none of my daily girl friends in corona anymore. Even geoff is pumped about this move so you know its a good thing. 3. its closer to the beach. 4. we have a plan to start buying a condo every 2 years and renting them out. its our retirement plan.
-we decided no babies until 2014 at the earliest.
-im turning 28 in a few weeks.
-we are planning to go to alaska, chicago, europe and possibly hawaii next year. i cant freaking contain myself. we are going to make it happen.
-i love the show Girls. (im currently watching it and thats why it made the list)
-i lost 10lbs and trying to lose another 10 more.
-geoff has finally experienced me fully drunk in all its glory so much so that i created a adjective. Tustin Ranch'd (TR'd)
-my high school reunion is this weekend. i will not be attending. maybe the next one?
-thats all i can think of right now.  

im back to staying up way too late and sleeping in until lunch time. 

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