A Year Ago

Today i woke up "early" at 8am. Ran errands for a few hours. Went out to lunch with Geoff. Browsed Floor & Decor making a game plan for remodeling our bathroom. Met up with friends and took their picture and went out to dinner with them. Came home and started working again. This has been my routine lately.
Wake up around 10am and go to bed around 2am.

Exactly one year ago today i quit my safe, m-f, 7-4, family ran business, job.
For a long while it was like having two full time jobs. Working with Shade Tree Films was (and is) a blessing. And then starting LPP with them and eventually taking over it fully. Id come home from a long commute from yucaipa at the STF office and start working on a LPP film until midnight to wake up at 5:45am and do it all over again. Id probably be dead if it werent for Geoff and i carpooling everyday and him taking the morning shift. After a few months of that schedule i had a breakdown and cut my hours even more from STF so i could try and keep up with the backlog LPP was accumulating. Still there? Good. After Geoff got a new job at South Hills Church (another blessing) and i lost my carpooling buddy, i went commission with STF and started working from home and gained like three extra hours of sleep a day!
Ive never loved my job more than i do today. Ive never loved my life more than i do today. Ive never been so blessed and felt favor like i do today. Our business is growing and we are now partnering up with EPlove and offering photography (<--even more freaking favor on us). I freaking love photography. Hope to have as many, if not more, photo weddings as we do video.
Our marriage is in a better place than its been in a while. I think its because we both get plenty of sleep now and feel more sprightly ;) no babes in the near future. though, seeing G play and wrestle with our friends kids makes it difficult at times. He's gonna be a awesome dad.
I guess the whole point of this post is to say that a year ago i decided to not live in fear anymore. I didnt live in fear that i would fail because i didnt except us not succeeding. I wanted this really bad and ive we've worked really, really, really, hard to be here.
One year ago I chose to live in love.

Thank you for supporting me. I love you.

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