I am alive...More than ever

No apologies here. I've been busy making my dreams and passions come true. This year has been beyond anything i expected. Par for the course when it comes to things you ask from God. Thanks, God!

So since i last posted something on here i quit my job and started a new fabulous one working for these guys. AMAZING. These past few weeks have been awesome. And.... this week is going to be even better!!!! But ill share that with you on thursday. Its a lovely surprise.

My office of 3 years. Good-bye J&L!!!

Heres some films geoff and myself have made recently. watch. enjoy. and please, share your thoughts.

Talk to you soon,


Jessica said...

Omg both videos totally made me cry! You both are great at what you do. God gave you a WONDERFUL gift. Congratulations on your new job :)

Lea the Lion said...

I love your videos, they brought tears to my eyes and I don't even know those people!!! lol! Great editing and filming!

Candice Brouillette said...

Thank you so much! You guys have no idea what your kind words mean to me <3

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