Geoff's Birthday Week begins

Last year for Geoff's birthday we did absolutely nothing. He was gone on tour, i was renting a room from a stranger off craigslist and we were both broke. By the time he came home it was Christmas and Jesus doesnt need to share his birthday with Santa and geoff. So this year i'm trying to do something more special. That included one of his favorite comedians and favorite food.

Since Dave Chappelle and Bill Cosby werent in town, the next best was Daniel Tosh. He was sooo funny! Everyone was wiping tears from their eyes from laughing so hard. I got us really close seats at the gibson, though any seat there is a good seat, and its crazy to think a comedian can fill up the same gibson theater that weezer just sold out the week before.
Daniel Tosh

We tried Pink's Hotdogs. I got a polish dog with mustard and it was so cold. Gross. So not worth the hype.

The next morning i made us heart shaped waffles and bacon while he watched football. I miss eating making breakfast food. I usually dont because of how fattening the waffles, syrup, bacon, muffin, butter, hash browns and all the other extremely delicious breakfast foods are, but its a celebration. So why not?
they kinda look like clovers
We* even hung Christmas lights on our house. Dreams come true people.

Geoff is seriously the hardest working, loving, and funny husband and i cant stop thanking God for giving me him as my husband even though he farts in the bed just to make me uncomfortable. This week hes aiming at working somewhere around 70hrs at his day job. This means he leaves for work at 2am and comes home at 4:30pm everyday. Hes even working Saturdays. Yesterday, im working out to my B.L. dvd in the living room and Geoff's sitting on the couch laughing at me one minute and the next knocked the frick out:
passed out
5:30pm. Face down. Limp limbs.

*we = him. i stood there in the rain and took pictures. im helpful like that.

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Brenda Says... said...

Of course you would be super creative with your putting up lights video. I love it! Your very first Christmas in your new home with your new hubs. It's exciting!

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