Crystal Pier

since geoff leaves for tour like a week after the wedding we decided to take a honeymoon till after he gets back and after my brothers wedding, so basically in the fall. BUUUUTT we still wanted to get away after the wedding and so my mom hooked us up! Crystal Pier.


sorry ive been MIA lately. between moving 2 times in the past week and trying to find june a new home and planning a wedding and working full time, i havent had too much time for anything. im hoping next week will be better.
but then again, i said that last week.


Carynn Mae Eren. said...

that's awesome!! it's like you get 2 honeymoons. very cool.

candice valdespino said...

heck yes! mini honeymoon then the big event. hopefully! haha

glad i get to see you a bunch this week. you are good people, carynn.

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