just call me Delilah

last week i got to:
-shave geoffs beard off

billy goat boyfriend

the famous brouillette

the hitler

-have my blood tested :'(
my past attempts of trying to give blood were bad experiences (thing passing out, convulsions while wearing a skirt, that sorta thing), but God gave me something (someone) to help me out this time!Rochelle! my blood giving buddy! we walked into the lab at the same time and didn't even notice each other till we sat down in the waiting room. its amazing how much i don't make eye contact with strangers. we both brought our moms haha. she made it into a contest to see who could man up and not cry. as you can tell from the picture i came prepared to tear up at the pinch of the needle and didn't wear any make up that day. im the biggest sissy la la with that stuff. its way different than getting tattooed.

-on Sunday i started filming my admissions video for Chapman. learned on Monday that everything i shot was ruined because the camera messed up my tape. grrrreat.
so Tuesday Jolene and i re taped everything and i still have a bit to tape tonight but yesterday i edited so much of it.
seriously, many thank yous to everyone who has pitched in and gave their time and helped out in any way. i love you guys.

Oh! and i just sent in the whole written part of my application in today. geoffs dad (an English professor) offered to read over all my essays and I'm so glad he did. he caught all the little things and we switch vocab around to spin stuff in a better light. as I'm sure many of you can tell, grammar and punctuation is not a strong point of mine hahah
anyhoo, if you pray, please pray that i get accepted and that God has His hand in making my admissions video look good enough to get in.
thanks guys

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