and so it begins...

its v-day. probably one of thee most pointless days that the genius' from some consumer driven company came up with. today we are supposed to go out and show with red hearts and overly sentimental cards, roses, and chocolate how much we "love" someone. this lame holiday makes it incredibly awkward for couples dating who arent in love with each other. my mom get me a coffee mug with a stuffed frog. i like it though. nom i have a larger mug to fill with caffeine and i love frogs. also she didnt get me any chocolate because she knows that i am only eating chocolate that hasnt come from cocoa fields where they have enslaved labor. so the basically cuts out ALL chocolate companies except for a few. check it out:http://www.stopthetraffik.org/chocolatecampaign/ mommy gets me :).
So tonight me and my beau are supposed to go out to the Improv and then to dinner. should be fun. i really hope so. we could use a good laugh together these days.

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